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We're a battle-hardened crew of software engineers using cutting-edge technology to build game-changing software for mobile devices and the web.

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What People Say

  • This is awesome! Got it loaded on my Android...loving it! Does exactly what I wanted it to do.

    Dennis C. U.S. Government Vendor

  • I really appreciate your diligence. I was shocked to see how late you worked on our app. I really appreciate you working so hard.

    Jim V. ImageMarketingPros

  • I love the look of the app! It's exactly how I pictured it!

    Amanuel N. Negash Technologies

  • Looks awesome! Really solid work. Appreciate the push!

    Phil K. Cadence

What We've Done

GottaGoGov View

GottaGoGov screenshot

GottaGoGov is a tool for travelers that follow federal and state government travel rules. It helps them find and keep track of their flights and per-diem rates during their travels. Built with Angular 2 and Ionic 2.

Grind Log Pro View

Grind Log Pro screenshot

Grind Log Pro is an easy and efficient tool for logging meat grinds and generating grind log reports based on the 2016 USDA protocol. It uses a live scanner to read grind and packing barcodes and generate a timestamped log of activity. Built with AngularJS and the Ionic Framework.

Cadence Redesign View

Cadence Landing Page screenshot

Cadance began as SeekPanda, a translation and interpreter matchmaker focused on Chinese and Asian markets. Having expanded to serve customers in every continent (except Antarctica) they sought to rebrand as Cadence. We redesigned their landing page, updated their color scheme, and made sure the rest of the site looked and worked great.

Cadence Job FormView

Cadence Job Form screenshot

Cadence had outgrown their typeform-based job creation workflow, and they wanted to replace it with one that integrated directly with their application. We redesigned the form, including some helpful widgets and tools, and we helped integrate it with their "smart-match" tech on the backend.

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The Invive Group is a full-service consulting firm with decades of experience in delivering web and mobile applications, as well as big data research and development projects. We offer fast and flexible development services to clients across every industry. Our team is based out of Seattle, WA. We are an equal-opportunity employer.

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